BNCHMRK in 2013

3005 workouts
Most popular run Run 5k completed 67 times
Most popular row Row 2k completed 57 times
Most popular girl Fran completed 118 times
Most popular lift Back Squat 1RM completed 200 times
Most popular bodyweight workout Max Double-Unders completed 41 times
Most popular hero workout Murph completed 20 times
Most popular workout Back Squat 1RM completed 200 times Back Squat Distribution
Heaviest Back Squat 1RM 500lb Killing it!
Average Back Squat 1RM 252lb Not too shabby
Heaviest workout Deadlift 1RM 505lb
Most reps in a workout Cindy 765 reps
Longest workout Run Marathon 2:28:15
Shortest workout Max Handstand Hold 0:07
First workout logged Bench Press 1RM Jan 1
Last workout logged Max Double-Unders Dec 31
Busiest month August 430 workouts
Countries with workouts logged 22 countries on 5 continents
Most active country United States 86.1% of all workouts logged

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